• Outbuildings at Fedal Simmental in Denmark.

Our simmental fleckvieh cattle housing

Beef cattle housing improvements

Beef cattle housing must fit our animals and also be practical. Improving our ability to handle our simmental fleckvieh cattle efficiently and safely does cost both time and money, but it is an investment that provides excellent an immediate return.

For socially animals like beef cattle, synchronisation is important to their behaviour and competition in groups. To avoid competition in communal lying areas, there should be enough space for all animals to find a resting place and to lie down together. 

At Fedal Simmental a number of options have been available. We have installed new facilities and have improved existing ones. Since 2010 we have been in process of modernising our cattle housings, and more housing projects are in pipeline.


Current cattle housing at our disposal

Freestall barn (cubicles) with rubber mattresses for our young simmental fleckvieh heifers and bulls.

Tie-stall housing with rubber mattresses for our cows and oldest heifers.

Feed barn with on-floor silos, which are used as deep stables. Some are used for our cows close to calving. We prefer to let our females calve alone, with space and straws, but close to their herd mates to prevent stress.

Tie-stall housing for suckler cows. Their calves are free to walk into separate straw pens. The housing of these calves always involve calves of same size.

Machine shed equipped with a pen with central feed alley.


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Outbuildings. Barn with cubicles and rubber mattresses. Fedal Simmental Denmark
pen with feed alley-simmental cattle-fedal simmental