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Behaviour and well-being of the animals

Nice Behaviour Needs Safety and Trust From Birth

To achieve a good behaviour and well-being, our animals must thrive and have a calm temperament. Therefore, we socialise the animals from a very early age. We become a natural part of their lives and they become curious and easy to handle. Consequently, they are not stressed or dangerous to be around.

Animals that thrive are usually calm and spend much of their time eating, resting and socialising in the herd. They are not stressed and will be curious and trusting. An animal that is not doing well in the herd will typically be agitated, attempt to flee, act in a threatening manner or seem stressed.

It is extremely important to us that the animals have a good behaviour and well-being. It is an advantage when we need to get hold of them, for example to relocate them or trim their hooves.


Well-Being Depends On Good Condition

The animals must be in good condition without being fat!

In females, in particular, obesity can lead to severe gestation issues and, in the longer term, may cause calving difficulties. Increased strain on legs and hooves is another consequence of obesity.

In our opinion, good condition means a few centimetres of fat over the ribs, a spine covered with muscle and fat and hip bones rounded to the touch. We believe that this gives the best fertility, health and cost efficiency.


Good Hoof Health Makes Good Financial Sense

Simmental fleckvieh cattle are large, heavy animals. Their hooves bear a lot of weight.

If the hooves are not the right shape or do not have healthy tissue, the animal will start walking unevenly and may limp and put inappropriate strain on the rest of its body and is the opposite of well-being. It is an indication of poor hoof health if the animal walks on its toes or limps. Lameness is a very painful condition in animals and, in the long term, may lead to substantial financial losses. Hoof trimming is always a good investment. Hoof care is important at Fedal Simmental. We keep a careful eye on our animals’ hooves and have them trimmed by a hoof trimmer when necessary.

Simmental bull calf with calm temperament. Little child is having a great time with the calf in the hay.
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simmental cow with calf-wellbeing-good temperament-fedal simmental
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