• Fedal Simmental Denmark. Heterozygous Polled Heifer In Pasture. Red broken colour.


The best way to achieve cost-effective and durable breeding is to use genetically superior animals with different bloodlines. As calves are the major output of any suckler herd, reproductive efficiency is a key factor determining profitability.
Achieving the main breeding targets is essential!


> Calving Ease
We prefer to avoid high birth weights rather than to select for low birth weights.

> Beef Conformation
Achieving the best possible beef production traits.

> Behaviour & Well-Being
Simmental Fleckvieh cattle are, by nature, calm and easy to handle. However, it is important to socialise the animals from birth.

> Milk Yield
Milk yield promotes quality on calf preweaning growth.

> Polledness
Natural hornlessness (polledness) is a highly valued functional trait. It is not difficult to breed cattle that are naturally hornless (polled).

Fedal Naja P. Heterozygous polled simmental heifer Fedal Simmental Denmark. Red colour.
Fedal Lamár P ET. Heterozygous polled simmental bull from Fedal Simmental Denmark. Red colour.
Good temperament - Little boy with heterozygous polled simmental heifer - Fedal Simmental Denmark
Purebred heterozygous and homozygous polled heifers. 7 months old. Fedal Simmental Denmark