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Polled Simmental Fleckvieh Cattle

This simmental fleckvieh cattle catalogue gives you an overview of our polled simmental fleckvieh cattle.

Fedal Remedy P

  • Heterozygous polled simmental fleckvieh bull.
  • Out of a cow with a very long and wide rump, muscularity and great legs.
  • Fedal Remedy P is a long and muscly simmental bul.
  • Sired by Fedal Oscar PP
  • Out of a very wide cow.
  • Birth weight 52 kg / 114 lbs

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Fedal Oscar PP
Paternal grandsire:
Paternal granddam:
Fedal Leonora P
Maternal grandsire:
Wroxall Luke
Maternal granddam:
Klitgårdens Fie P
Heterozygous polled

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