Simmental fleckvieh cattle catalogue

This simmental fleckvieh cattle catalogue contains all our simmental fleckvieh animals. Each animal has an individual description, pedigree, genotype and date of birth. Pictures are mostly also available. Use filtering to adjust our simmental fleckvieh cattle into your search of interest.

Fedal Mirage P

Fedal Mirage P has great frame, muscularity and leg traits.

A wide, long rump and a wide back.

Wide thighs with deep flanks as well.

– Birth weight 40 kg / 88 lb

– Height at rump 145 cm / 57 in (age 2 years)

– Back length 81 cm / 32 in (age 2 years)


Fedal Jura PP



Paternal grandsire:

Linde General P

Paternal granddam:


Maternal grandsire:


Maternal granddam:


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Heterozygous polled

Simmental fleckvieh cattle catalogue by Fedal Simmental

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