Simmental Fleckvieh Gallery

A picture is worth a thousand words

This simmental fleckvieh cattle gallery from Fedal Simmental Denmark gives you a summary of selected sires, dams, bull calves and heifers.

Besides pictures, the gallery gives you a pedigree with the sire, dam and maternal grandsire.

The pictured animals are no longer present on the farm, but their sires, dams and even progeny will most likely be available.

Click the picture to get large size and pedigree.


SOLD Fedal Loke P (Hedetoft Fox HP x Langø Ditlev P) SOLD Fedal Magic PP (Fedal Jura PP x Tiset Edwars P) Fedal Lamár P ET (Sunny Valley Dakota 9Z x Grinalta HP King 126S) SOLD Fedal Jura PP (Linde General P x Snæbum Eddie The Eagle P) SOLD Hedetoft Fox HP (Langø Ditlev P x Serup Svante) SOLD Fedal Ivar P (Moldau Erasmus PP x Lamhøj Union P)

Bull calves

Fedal Nexo PP (Fedal Lexus PP x Clonagh Tiger Gallant) SOLD Fedal Nato P (Keeldrum Clio P x Oto Z Leznice P) Fedal Nelpus PP (Fedal Lexus PP x Holm Frede HP) Fedal Nicolaj (Højtoftegaards Simba x Holm Frede HP) Fedal Niels P (Fedal Lamár P ET x Linde General P) Fedal Murphy PP (Fedal Jura PP x Oto Z Leznice P) Fedal Mike P (Prima PP x Wroxall Luke) Fedal Maximus PP (Hedetoft Fox HP x Snæbum Eddie The Eagle P) Fedal Marco P (Hedetoft Fox HP x Lykke Atlantis P)


Fedal Nicole P (Fedal Lexus PP x Clonagh Tiger Gallant) SOLD Fedal Moon P (Holm Frede HP x Prima PP) SOLD Fedal Magenta PP (PHS Polled Worlwide x Holm Frede HP) SOLD Fedal Lavendel P (Hedetoft Fox HP x Vingegaard Tobias)


Fedal Koral P (Oto Z Leznice P x Peno) Holm Lilje P (Holm Hannibal P x Søgård Amir) Fedal Jayne P (Clonagh Tiger Gallant x Tiset Edward P) ID31391-02510 (31391-02404 x Skellerup Boston P) 31391-02447 (Snæbum Eddie The Eagle P x Lykke Sirius P) Fedal Kate P (Lykke Eminent P x Vingegaard Texas) Egense Gina P (Snæbum Eddie The Eagle P x Langø August HP) Holm Honette P (Holm Frede HP x Eugen av Rörum P) ID30661-01494 (Søgård Amir x Vingegaard Texas) ID106993-00026 (Peno x Vingegaard Powerboy) Holm Gerda PP (Tiset Edward P x Holm Bendt P) ID30661-01393 (Vingegaard Texas x Grønbæk Super) ID31391-02436 (Snæbum Eddie the Eagle P x Holm Ulrik P)

Do our simmental fleckvieh cattle arouse your interest?

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