• Brian Andersen and homozygous polled simmental heifer Fedal Monarch PP.


Productive. Functional. Profitable.

We aim for polled fleckvieh simmentals, preferably homozygous polled fleckvieh simmentals. With breeding targets that emphasizes calving ease, performance, fertility, beef conformation, milk  and udder quality, we are able to produce sound, functional fleckvieh simmental sires, dams, bull calves and heifers that are productive and profitable.

Fleckvieh Simmentals And Their Distinctive Traits

As a breed, the fleckvieh simmental breed is large, long and muscular with a particularly good and calm temperament.
In addition to its excellent maternal ability, the cow produces copious quantities of milk for the growing calf.
Fleckvieh Simmentals can be pied, with colours varying from light gold to a deep, dark red.
However, Fleckvieh Simmentals often have white legs and/or hooves, a white tip to the tail and a white belly.

At Fedal Simmental we welcome all varieties.