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Polled Simmental Fleckvieh

Profitable. Sustainable. Naturally.

Your Colleague and Business Partner

Fedal Simmental take integrity to mean honesty, openness, fairness, a sense of responsibility, and loyalty.
And integrity means that we live by our fundamental values, even when they meet resistance.
For us, integrity provides the foundations for cooperation in a spirit of partnership and trust. It is the guarantor of long-lasting relations and profitable and sustainable cattle breeding.

With breeding targets that emphasizes calving ease, performance, fertility, beef conformation, milk and udder quality, we strive for sound and productive polled simmental fleckvieh cattle that fulfill the core of your farming existence.

for you who's

Breeding with common sense

Polled Simmental Fleckvieh Bulls For Sale

Weaned bull calves and bulls ready to breed.

Polled Simmental Fleckvieh Heifers For Sale

Weaned, maiden and in-calf heifers.

Polled Simmental Fleckvieh Cows For Sale

Fertile cows for immediate production.

Polled Simmental Fleckvieh Semen For Sale

Danish Fedal Simmental genetics spiced up with grand old and brand new bloodlines with Fleckvieh origin.

Your of the Herd and Sale Catalogues

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