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"2024 Sale" - A sale on an ongoing basis

The sale consists of pedigree Simmental heifers, bulls and cows, and they will be put up for sale on an ongoing basis. In addition, we also continuously offer Simmental semen of homozygous (PP) and heterozygous (P) polled bulls. Embryos are offered on a customized order basis.

Serious and professional as you are, you want to have access to reliable and trustworthy genetics, that meet the demands of today and most likely the future. We want to make it easy for you to find the right polled simmental cattle and genetics. Whether you are in the market for commercial simmentals, pedigree simmentals cattle, or any other type of beef cattle business, you are likely to find something that fits you. Fedal Simmental is your go-to partner for polled simmental cattle, semen and embryos.

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Fulfill the Core of Your Farming Existence

Whether you are looking for polled simmental bulls, polled simmental heifers, polled simmental cows, semen or embryos, Fedal Simmental Denmark is offering polled simmentals genetics all year round.