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fedal toke pp-polled simmental bull-fedal simmental

Fedal Toke PP

Homozygous Polled simmental fleckvieh bull. Very smooth and harmonious BW 44 kg / 97  lbs For further information call us…


Fedal Omega PP

Fedal Omega PP – Your Outcross Option Homozygous polled simmental bull Sired by Fedal Lexus PP Out of Fedal Lista…

polled simmental bull-fedal simmental denmark-fedal sars pp

Fedal Sars PP

Homozygous Polled simmental fleckvieh bull. Birth weight 46 kg / 101  lbs DOB 24.10.2021 For further information call us at…


Fedal Samurai PP

FOR SALE FEDAL SAMURAI PP Paternal grandson to FEDAL LOKE P, which was sold to Ireland. Maternal grandson to FEDAL…

fedal magic pp-homozygous polled simmental fleckvieh bull-fedal simmental denmark-02

Fedal Magic PP

Homozygous polled simmental bull. Fedal Magic PP was a well-muscled simmental bull. Very harmonious allround stockbull. Fantastic calm temperament. Birth…

simmental semen for sale-fedal-rhapsody-pp-polled-simmental-fleckvieh-bull-fedal-simmental-denmark

Fedal Rhapsody PP

Homozygous polled simmental fleckvieh bull. Fedal Rhapsody PP  is a harmonious simmental bull with deep body and a wide and…

fedal lexus pp-polled simmental fleckvieh bull-fedal simmental denmark-04

Fedal Lexus PP

Homozygous polled simmental bull. Fedal Lexus PP was a simmental bull with a wide chest, deep body, and a fantastic…