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fedal-sandy p-heterozygous polled-simmental-fleckvieh-heifer-fedal-simmental-denmark-01

Fedal Sandy

Fedal Sandy is a wide and feminine simmental cow. Birth weight 41 kg / 90 lbs. DOB 11.02.2021 For further…

simmental fleckvieh heifer-fedal simmental denmark-fedal-sia

Fedal Sia

Simmental fleckvieh cow. Fedal Sia is simmental cowwith a great length. Her pedigree contains both the sires Fedal Oracle P…


Fedal Nova

Fedal Nova is a simmental fleckvieh cow. Very harmonious. Birth weight 38 kg / 84 lbs Out of a powerful…

simmental cow-fedal simmental-31757-01712


Cow nr. 01712 is a simmental fleckvieh cow¬† with a very long and wide rump. Nice frame and muscularity traits.…